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Trunk or body Lifting


The Trunk Lift treats the thoracic region or upper half of the trunk that is altered with the process of massive weight loss. Excess skin and tissue shedding produces descent of the grooves of the breasts and back and inverted “V” deformities at the anterior and posterior level of the trunk.

In general, patients the first area they decide to treat is the lower half of the body: abdomen, buttocks and thighs, but a posteriori, improving the upper thoracic area makes the overall body contour improve.


Who is the ideal candidate for surgery?

The procedure is indicated in patients who have stabilized their weight for at least 3-6 months and any of the following deformities created by massive weight loss are objective:

  • Anterior and/or posterior “V” deformities.
  • Descended inframammary groove.
  • Breast with axillary prolongation and / or sagging of the lateral back.
  • Breast deformities: Women: ptosis, hypertrophy, atrophy and men, gynecomastia.

Each of these procedures can be performed separately or together according to the patient’s assessment.