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Pectoral Implants


Indicated for those men who want a greater volume or definition of their pectorals or to correct congenital or acquired asymmetries after interventions or trauma. It can be associated with liposuction for greater definition of the chest area.

At the present time, in the case of pectoral prostheses, there are only two accessible options in Europe, anatomical prostheses manufactured by Silimed or custom prostheses made to order. In both cases they are silicone prostheses: either highly cohesive silicone gel or solid silicone.

Silimed prostheses are offered only in three sizes, all with a quadrangular shape and textured surface.

If anatomical implants have been chosen, apart from choosing one of the three available sizes, we can assess the possibility of varying the orientation of the prostheses in order to adapt to the current relief of the pectoral muscle or slightly vary the thoracic shape. In the case of custom implants, the versatility is greater.

The initial consultation:

At the first visit, your surgeon will discuss with you the surgery, possible outcomes, and what your expectations are regarding it. You will be physically evaluated and your chest measurements will be taken in order to select the most appropriate implant volume for you, according to the anatomical characteristics of your body, chest measurements and height. Clearly discuss all of your expectations with your surgeon. Be frank with him, mention if you smoke, take any kind of medications, vitamins or other drugs.


The intervention is performed under general anesthesia through an incision in the axillary hollow of about 4 cm. The placement of the prosthesis that we perform is submuscular without disinserting the muscle (the prosthesis must be completely covered by muscle) The intervention can last between 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. Once the intervention is completed,  drains are left for a minimum of 24 hours.

Where indicated, pectoral implant surgery may be supplemented with other body contouring procedures such as liposuction of the torso and lateral thoracic regions. However, it is important, as in any implant surgery, not to communicate the surgical spaces to avoid unwanted contamination or seromas.

Your new look:

For most patients, pectoral surgery can be highly rewarding. The decision to undergo this procedure is yours alone and perhaps many would not understand it. The important thing is that you feel safe about it.

An improved body image can give you greater self-confidence and more confidence in dealing with others.