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You have ever had the feeling that one part of your body has too much volume but in other areas you lack volume. Have you ever wanted to reduce waist fat and put it on your breasts or anywhere else? Thanks to a procedure called lipofilling it can be achieved.

Lipofilling is a surgical procedure that allows to increase the volume of a part of the body by transferring fat obtained by liposuction.

Indications of lipofilling:

It is indicated in breast and buttock augmentation, for facial and hand rejuvenation, correction of fatty tissue depressions at the body level (due to aging or liposuction), for facial lipodystrophies and for breast reconstruction.


The intervention is performed under local anesthesia – sedation or under general anesthesia but only occasionally requires hospital admission.

Ideal candidates:

The ideal candidates for lipofilling are:

  • Adults who exercise regularly and are within 30% of their ideal weight.
  • Non-smokers.
  • Healthy people.

Lipofilling does not treat obesity and is not a substitute for regular exercise and good nutrition.