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Japanese Threads


Japanese thread treatment is a facial rejuvenation technique to prevent and treat sagging. It is a technique that consists of the insertion of resorbable threads of polydioxanone or polylactic acid at the subdermal level in the face and / or neck.

Its objective is the restructuring and elevation of facial contours and occurs thanks to the formation of collagen and fibroblasts.

It is an effective, safe, fast and painless treatment.

Procedure of tensioning threads, magic threads or Japanese threads:

First of all, a design of the treatment we want to perform is made, drawing on your skin the direction in which we will place the tensioning threads. Applying anesthetic cream 30 – 45 minutes before starting the session.

The area to be treated is cleaned and an antiseptic is applied.

The magic threads are distributed with a fine needle that serves as a guide at the level of the subdermal tissue (below the dermis) and evenly. Between 10 and 20 threads are inserted with small spicules (in the form of a spike) that allows them to anchor in the tissue that are implanted without other anchors or sutures, very easily and quickly. There are several thicknesses and lengths for the specialist to choose the most appropriate for each case and circumstance.

They have no ability to produce allergies or autoimmunity mechanisms. It leaves no signs or marks. It does not require cuts or sutures. It does not produce intolerances and the inflammatory reaction is minimal. Adverse effects (edema, erythema and hematoma), which are minimal, can last a few hours and allow makeup the next day.

After three months, a reassessment is made and sometimes some more threads are reinserted.

Retouching can be made and treated again, depending on the patient’s evolution.

The procedure requires specific medical knowledge so it must be performed by a professional trained in the technique.


As the magic threads do not perform a mechanical effect, the results are progressive and natural, in harmony with the physiognomy of the patient. You can see the effect at three weeks, continuously improving and reaches the maximum effect at about 3 months. The result lasts up to 18 months. The face acquires a more rested appearance, without artificial changes.


  • There are no allergies or rejections.
  • Undetectable on palpation and sight.
  • From its application you can observe the natural result and in harmony with the physiognomy.
  • No bleeding and no scarring, PDO threads do not have anchoring artifacts, nor do they have to be sutured.
  • They are resorbable and biocompatible.
  • The procedure is quick and painless and you can join your usual life immediately.
  • Perform a dimensional projection, without adding volume.
  • It does not require incisions or cuts, it does not have to be sutured, avoiding tears, bleeding, scars, complications and allergies.
  • It is compatible with other medical-aesthetic treatments.
  • There is no problem with repeating the treatment over time.

Side effects:

Side effects are minimal: Edema, redness or some bruising, which disappear soon. Patients can immediately join their usual activity.