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Increase of calf


Augmentation of calf by prosthesis

Calf augmentation, or placement of implants and prostheses in legs, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the size and shape of the calf for the following reasons:

  • The most frequent indication is aesthetics. The presence of discrete hypoplasias with no known cause is frequent or can also be seen in bodybuilders who despite exercise cannot develop the mass of the calf muscle as a result of a strong fascia at this level. Sometimes patients simply think their legs are too thin.
  • Correct an increase in the volume of the legs after certain diseases such as polio or congenital cases of unilateral atrophy of the calf.

By inserting an implant in each of the legs, we can significantly increase the volume of that area.

Types of calf implants:

A calf implant is a silicone wrapper filled with silicone gel.

Prostheses are evolving more and more and the current trend is to place two-dimensional prostheses or shaped prostheses adapted to the characteristics of the calf or leg and filled with a cohesive gel.